Top 15 Gaming affiliate program 2021

Gaming affiliate program

Gaming Affiliate programs are simply, marketing company’s that have products related to gaming. These companies pay a percentage on sold products to the affiliate who sent them the customer. This percentage can be upwards of 10%-30% or more. Some companies offer single purchases while others offer lifetime commissions.
 Affiliates are paid for products they have to refer including first-time purchases and continuous subscription/maintenance purchases once the product is installed.  Companies offering this service include Nvidia, Razer, Bose, Microsoft Gaming Division, GT Omega, Vortex, Mainframe, Twitch, Alienware, LeprestorePro.

1) Razer Affiliate Program

Razer is one of the best affiliate programs in the world..  Partnered with over 12000 affiliates, they will pay you 10%-30% in return on sales that were generated through your channel.
Razer handles all of the customer service and returns, they also give their affiliate managers full access to analytics on how well products are selling.  
Razer offers one-time commissions for single purchases or lifetime commissions when the product is continuously purchased.  Razer has updated its product line to include non-gaming products.

Affiliate link: Razer Affiliate Network

2) Nvidia (Geforce)  Partner Program –

Nvidia is one of the best companies for affiliates because they will pay you a 10%-30% commission on lifetime subscription sales.  Nvidia only offers single purchases, but their affiliate program is very detailed and easy to manage.  
They offer both email marketing campaigns as well as banner ads/video ads that can be customized to your liking.  Nvidia’s affiliate managers are also accessible to affiliates which allows better communication with customers if any issues arise or bonuses are available based on sales performance.

Affiliate Link: NVIDIA Affiliate Program

3) Bose Gaming  Affiliate Program –

Bose is one of the largest producers in sound systems, it only makes sense for them to have an affiliate program.  Bose offers a 10%-30% commission on any single purchase or subscription/maintenance purchase after the product is installed by the customer.
Bose requires affiliates to have a website that features their products, along with the ability to place banner ads and email marketing copy.  
Bose also provides analytics to their affiliates which include visit duration, visit pages, etc.

Affiliate Link: Bose Partner Center

4) Microsoft Gaming Division Affiliate Program –

Microsoft offers 10%-30% commission on gaming products including Xbox consoles, accessories, games, etc.  You must have a website that features products from the Gaming division in order to join this program.  Microsoft does offer email marketing, but it is restricted mostly to affiliates who are already Microsoft partners.

Affiliate Link: Partner with Microsoft

5) GT Omega Racing Affiliate Program –

GT Omega is an exclusive racing simulator company that offers affiliates 10%-30% commission on every product sold.  The best part about this affiliate program is no hardware updates are needed, once you install customers’ racing simulators they will remain there until the end of time (only software or game updates required).  
GT omega provides very detailed analytics, and commissions can be paid out anytime you, please.

Affiliate link: GT Omega Racing Affiliate Network

6) Vortex Poker  Partner Program –

This affiliate program is targeted towards poker players to help them lower the cost associated with their poker hobby.  
Vortex only offers a 10% commission on products, but they do provide very detailed analytics that can easily be used for promotional campaigns.  If you are a serious poker player then this affiliate program might be right for you!

Affiliate Link: The Vortex Poker Partner Portal

7) Mainframe eSports  Partner Program –

Mainframe is very similar to GT Omega in terms of offering great commissions and no hardware upgrades every ten years or so… I’m kidding!  The mainframe offers a 15%-30% commission on every single product sold.  
Mainframe does offer email marketing and analytics with in-depth information on product sales and how many times your affiliate link has been clicked.

Affiliate Link: Mainframe Partner Portal

8) Twitch Affiliate Program –

Twitch is the go-to place for gamers to share their gameplay experience.  Twitch offers a 10% commission per purchase, but they do provide bonuses if you generate a certain amount of sales each month.

Affiliate Link: Twitch Partners Portal

9) Alienware Gaming  Affiliate Program –

Alienware is well known for their computer gaming systems, but they also produce laptops and accessories.  Alienware offers a 10% commission on any single product purchased after customer signs up for your affiliate link.

Affiliate Link: Alienware Affiliate Network

10) Leprestore Gaming  Partner Program –

Leprestore is one of my personal favorite affiliate programs because it is easy to use, has great support staff, and pays commissions straight to Paypal within 24 hours Sunday-Friday PST.  Leprestore offers a 20%-30% commission on all products sold monthly!

Affiliate Link: Leprestore Partner Center

11)  Zygor Guides Gaming Affiliate Program –

I’m sure most of you have heard of Zygor Guides, they offer World of Warcraft leveling guides that will help players level up their characters at an accelerated rate.  Zygor offers more than 50% commission on every sale that your referrals purchase through your affiliate link.

Affiliate Link: Zygor Guides Affiliate Program

12)  Killerguides Affiliate Program –

Killer Guides is another great world of Warcraft leveling guide company. Killer Guides offers a 25% commission per sale, but they do require a $25 purchase in order to get a tracking cookie for your referral.

Affiliate Link: Killerguides affiliate

13)  Modded Zone Gaming Affiliate Program –

Modded zone is the #1 source for video game modifications.  With this affiliate program, you can earn a 25% commission on all product sales.

Affiliate Link: Modded Zone Gaming Affiliate

14)  FinalMouse Affiliate Program –

Great for gamers who use an ergonomic mouse because the Finalmouse Ergo is an amazing product.  The Finalmouse affiliate program offers a 20%-25% commission on all products sold!

Affiliate Link: Finalmouse Gaming Affiliate Network

15) Into the AM  Affiliate Program –

This affiliate program is unique because it offers gamers an opportunity to purchase computer electronics at wholesale prices. Into the AM offers 25%-30% commission on all products sold!

Affiliate Link: Gamer Sensei Affiliate Portal


Thank you for reading through the list, hopefully, this will help gamers find a program that suits their needs. Comment below if you have any questions or would like to share your affiliate experiences!

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