Top 10 Websites to Develop Your Skills

Do you want to build your skills? Can’t decide which website would be best for you? You don’t have time to spend on each site, not knowing where to start or what the benefits of each will bring you?

Here are 10 websites that can help you develop new skills. With these sites, it is possible to learn new things and develop both your personal and professional skills.

Time to begin! The sooner we start; the sooner we can become experts in our fields of interest.

#1 Duolingo

This website is a free language education platform, with a variety of languages to learn, including French, German, Italian, and even Welsh. It enables you to learn a new language through gamified lessons, allowing you to track your progress and advance in the course. Duolingo also allows you to connect with friends who are doing the same course.

#2 Codecademy

This website teaches basic to advanced coding skills, with courses in HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP and Python. The lessons are easy to follow and allow you to check off each lesson as you complete it. You will receive a certification when you complete your final lesson too.

#3 Skillshare

This is a platform for online classes and projects, with over 25,000 classes and 80,000 students worldwide. You can take part in courses on many subjects such as drawing, photography and even coding. There are both paid and free courses available to take part in.

#4 TED

TED has an extensive library of talks from experts on many topics, including science, business, and technology. Talks range from 15 minutes to 24 hours long, with subtitles that can be easily accessed. You can even download the talks onto your computer or smartphone to watch later. This website is perfect for those wanting to learn something new.

#5 Khan Academy

Khan academy is an innovative education platform, which allows you to learn almost anything for free. Lessons are taught by video lectures, and there are also interactive exercises to do as well. This site gives students the opportunity to ask questions, which helps give feedback on how well information was understood.

#6 Coursera

Coursera gives you the option to take part in MOOC courses from universities such as Yale, Stanford, and Princeton. Courses cover a variety of topics, including science, business, and humanities. Once you have completed a course successfully, you will receive a certificate that can be used on your CV.

#7 Udemy

Udemy is a large platform for online courses, with over 80,000 available. You can learn anything from language skills to programming and even photography. Unsurprisingly, as this is such as massive site, the quality of teaching varies drastically. Always check what you will be learning before buying a course.

#8 Linkedin Learning

This is a free and comprehensive platform for online business courses, with over 1,000 courses and 60 professional certificates. The best thing about LinkedIn Learning is that it allows you to be more employable by building your profile on the site as you complete courses. It also shows recruiters whether you are learning or not, which may give you an advantage over other candidates.

#9 Codewars

Codewars is a free platform for programmers where they can learn to code through gamified challenges. These are known as kata, and the website also has a database of coding exercises that users can work through themselves or with other people online. This site is perfect for those wanting to learn in an interactive environment.

#10 Sitepoint

Sitepoint gives you free access to high-quality tutorials, with over 10,000 articles written by experts in the field. There are also video courses available that are taught by industry-leading professionals. The website contains tutorials on a large array of coding languages, with a focus on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If you’re looking for an online resource to learn to code, Sitepoint is it.


The best way to learn a new skill is to download free online courses. Duolingo, Codecademy, Skillshare, and Khan Academy are some of the top websites that offer these types of courses. You will also find lots of courses on Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning. Sitepoint and Codewars are excellent resources for those wanting to do specific programming languages. If you have an interest in any subject, from art to business, check out what is offered by TED. These sites give you a great opportunity to learn something new every day!

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