SEO Glossary: A List of 250+ Terms And Definitions For Digital Marketers [2021]

301 redirects, XML sitemap, canonical tags, and other SEO terms may be unfamiliar to you. But in the digital marketing era, these terms will save you from making bad decisions. Read on to discover a comprehensive SEO glossary list. 

Every business of any size can’t ignore digital marketing as one of the main ways to reach its target audience and generate more revenues. 

With so much depending on your website and social media pages, you should have an SEO glossary handy. 

You may hire a digital marketing agency or have an in-house team. Whatever the case may be, SEO terminologies will help you better understand the strategies and actions of your digital marketing team. 

In this post, we cover 250+ SEO terms in an easy-to-understand language so that even beginners can get a headstart.